Vernacular Typography…


tom in a hoodie
Our typography session today we had to look at typographic elements in a different light. instead of creating different positions of type to convey a certain word. We were separated into groups and given a word at random, our groups word was ‘conceal’.


We first started off mind-mapping ideas of how we could convey the message using different environments and texts. we had the ideas of a message in a bottle being concealed and not being able to be read like a hidden secret. Then we had the idea of tape over someones mouth, unable to reveal the secret that they would like to conceal. we then decided that conceal is like camouflage and that you can’t see it because it is hidden within. We had the idea to layout the words in a pile of leaves in order to create a word that could be seen if it was really looked at carefully. We then had another idea of creating type in a box/drawer. Therefore the type would be concealed and around it could be other letters so that the word isn’t obviously noticeable and is concealed within.


We tried three ideas out to see if they would work, in order to create an idea that would be good on an A3 poster. I feel that the one that works the most would be the concealed mouth. I feel that this has deeper meaning again as not only does this character not want for people to hear anything that he says but doesnt want them to see him as a person and therefore is covered within the image itself.


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