Expressive Personality


for this exercise we had to create three different logo types for one of my colleagues. We began this by carrying out a conversation telling each other about our interests and personality rates that define us as a person.

my colleague was George. George is originally from Monmouth and his main interest is sports, especially water sports. George is a a confident and loud character but prefers for his own business to be kept private, and reserved. George also tries to be organised but he is too chaotic and sometimes things get on top of him too quickly for him to handle.

Out of these points i managed to take the main characteristics of George as; reserved, confident, and chaotic. for each of these characteristics i had a rough idea of how id portray them within a logo type.

For chaotic i wanted to show that he was slightly organised but it didn’t always work out and it can sometimes turn chaotic. I felt that the best way for me to show this would be by putting capital letters for the main part of the logo type and spacing them out erratically but still close enough together to read. I decided to make this a solid typeface by using full black letterforms to create emphasis of the fact he is chaotic. Then just underneath and the sides of the letterforms that make up the word George, i then added the outline of the lowercase letterforms. I felt that this portrayed the slightly organised side to George but it isn’t as prominent as the larger case letter forms.


The Chaotic Logo Type

The second logo type i tried to portray confident, i found that the best way to do this would be to use a large and bold typeface in order to create a loud statement. I also thought that another way in which portrays that George is confident could be to create a emphasis to the middle of his name making it stand out as if it had a 3D effect to it. The best way that i found to do this was create the first and the last letterforms to be the same size, and then the second and the fifth letterform to be at the same size, but slightly larger again to the last two letterforms and then the same again with the third and fourth letterform. I feel that this worked well as it stood out and created effect.


The Confident Logo Type

The last logo type that i decided to create was reserved, i wanted to show that George was still a confident person although there is a small part of him that he would like to keep private. I decided that the best way to do this would be to create a bold and simple logo type of the word George using a sans serif typeface and keeping it to its original state without tampering with it too much. Then i decided to portray the private part of George i would create a rub out across the type face to show that he doesn’t want to be completely seen.


The Reserved Logo Type


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