Hypography Poster



For this project we had to create a 6 word story for a shakespeare play and create a hypography poster, where i combined 2 different typefaces together within the word to cause a difference and effect.

When i was first given the project brief i found it difficult to put together as i didn’t like how unfinished and different it looked compared to the everyday professional posters that you see around town. My first attempt at putting the Hypography together was poor, i felt completely out of my comfort zone as i wanted it to look perfect. The longer i looked at the original poster i then realised it was too simple to leave as plain typography and it needed to be more interesting and unique.

The two typefaces that i chose to work with were Baskerville and helvetica, i found that putting these both together created the crisp and simple look that i wanted knowing that when i put them together that they would look edgy and unique. I also feel that the emphasis of the words themselves is used throughout the poster showing the main story within. I decided to create my 6 word story on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, i found that the best way of explaining the play was ‘a forbidden love of pure affliction’. I felt that this gave an understanding of what the play was about without giving the full story line away.

I’m glad that i decided to redo this project as i feel now that i can see why we use Hypography and how interesting it is to see on paper as well as on screen. I feel that this is a useful process to know and that i will hopefully be able to apply to my work in the future.


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