The Wonderful World Of Type


The first day of our typography project we looked at type terminology and the exploration of type terms. I have previously looked upon typography before today. However i felt that this opened up my eyes not only to digital typography but traditional typography. I found this particularly interesting as it opened my eyes to what other segments of type we can experiment with.

After looking at the type terminology, we practiced our spacing and layout using traditional techniques in order to grasp the idea of spacing between letter forms. In oder to do this we used our own names and created different logo types by using sans-serif fonts and serif fonts to portray different meanings


After this we were then given another task to accurately space out and align a certain typographic word/phrase in order to show that we were capable of layout. I was given the phrase ligatures perspective, i found that the hardest letter to place accurately was the letter ‘g’ i found this difficult as the lower case letter form within the typeface was of a different sort to normal and therefore i found it difficult to imagine where it would then be placed. After going back and looking at it i found that the ‘g’ should line up entirely with the ‘a’ and therefore the tail of the ‘g’ should drop lower than the baseline.Sight_2015_11_15_183437_514

i enjoyed this lecture as i believe that i gained more knowledge of typography, spacing and layout within the short space of time.


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