StoryBook Personal Evaluation

  1. Sight_2015_10_30_082046_583exhibit confidence in risk taking: i decided to create my book using a Constantine book binding effect using one large bit of paper and creating small folds in order to create pockets and different interactive slots in order to create an imaginative effect. however i do feel that i could have been more adventurous by using different cutting techniques and possibly different shapes for the pages to keep with the running theme of the book itself. therefore i would give myself a low scoring ‘good’.Sight_2015_10_30_082248_977-2
  2. conveying meaning effectively and imaginatively:  I decided to go for the child’s story the wizard of oz, I wanted to create a more intimate and interactive version to show the main and condensed version. as the story is so long I managed to narrow it down to the few main parts of the story that are crucial to getting the storyline. i illustrated using only fine liner in order to create a Ernest Howard Shepard feeling to my work, to create small illustrations with condensed detail as well. i feel that my book portrays the story quite well as it also includes small quotes from the book itself. however i don’t feel that it is as in-depth as i could possibly go with it. therefore i would give myself a ‘good’.Sight_2015_10_30_082056_276
  3. develop a personal working method for developing and documenting ideas: i decided to work out the different sections of the book by mapping out the key events that happen within the original story, i found this easier to do within my sketch book, i also did mini illustration practices before putting them into the final copy as i felt that this was a good way to see how they will compliment each other. i also created mini mock up designs of how my book would and could look in order to see how it would work out all put together. however i feel that i could have gone into more detail within my sketchbook and therefore i would give myself ‘good‘.

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