|StoryBook Final Piece & Feedback|


For my final piece i have created a small constantine bound book to show the short story of the wizard of oz. I have created this by taking a large piece of A1 paper to draw up the net that i have decided to use to create the book as well as to cut the spaces for the pop ups and pockets that i will use throughout the book to create interesting interactions for the reader. I found that the best way for me to create this was to cut them into the net of the book itself. that way when cut and assembled together the book would look more professional and slick together.


I then decided to draw my illustrations directly onto the net itself allowing me to create the full effect of the images and pop ups with the full detail of the images that i had originally planned to put into the book. with the extra paper i had then left over i decided to create the insert for the book. Creating the small elements allows for the interactions that i designed to put into the pockets within the pages. This worked out quite well and was relatively effective within the book itself.

I decided to keep my images simplistic and influenced by Ernest, i felt that these images looked best in black and white but with a small element of colour throughout. I wanted to make the elements of colour the significant elements of the story itself such as the ruby red slippers and the yellow brick road. However i felt that the rest of the book should be in black and white, i felt that together this look was quite effective and worked well together with the bind.

For the cover of my book i decided on the red fabric used within the book binding and covering session within or workshop. I felt that the red material was the most effective and relatable to the story itself. the use of the red fabric is a direct link to the red slippers and is a stand out colour within the book itself. I feel that this quite effective and is an obvious connection to the book itself.

Overall i found that the book itself worked well to portray the condensed stop of the wizard of oz and was quite effective together with the illustration and the bound book.


Overall my feedback for this project wasn’t too bad, i have been given small changes to do to make improvements on my final piece to be to the best it can be. I have been asked to change the cover of my book to create something a bit more different and have a more direct link to the ruby red slippers, choosing a holographic foil will create this look better for me rather than using the simple red fabric.

Another change is possibly adding more colour or concentrating purely on one colour throughout this could be more interesting and keeping a consistent theme. However i have had another idea of cutting it through and creating standing images so that the book is more interesting and you can see through to the other side.



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