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For this task we were asked to create a pen sketch of our idea of a children’s story to show how we perceived the full story. This could be shown with large images showing the key points of the image or small quaint images showing the full story.

I decided to base my work on the children story of The Wizard of Oz. I felt that this allowed me to express the different aspects of the story without diving in to too much depth of the story itself. This allowed for the basic outline of the story.


I decided to key point my images and only allowing the link of the images to be of the point of the yellow brick road. This is key part to the wizard of oz as this is the path in which Dorothy takes her journey in order to get to the emerald city to meet the wizard. i decided for this path to be the main use of colour within the quick sketch and show the full story without giving away too much. The other element of colour i decided to use for the piece was the ruby red slippers that were also a main aspect to the story as they are the main element that the witch wants this was key to have in a bright colour to stand out within the imagery itself.

I found that when this piece was presented it looked to detailed compared to the quick sketches in which others had presented and i felt that mine wasn’t fitting in. I feel that in order for me to improve i need to get used to more short hand illustrations to show my point rather than detailed perfected images.

I however enjoyed this task and found the concept of the day quite interesting. using the pen and having a short space of time to create a storyboard was a great concept and i hope to have more of these in order to improve my illustration skills.


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