|Story Book Project: Brief & Thumbnails|


For this project we were asked to create a small children book, combining both uses of text and illustration to create a interesting and effective activity for children to use and read.

After debating which children story i would like to channel i have decided on the wizard of oz, concentrating on the 8 main points of the story to tell the story the full way through using interesting images. The main aspect of the project is recreate imagery of the original children book and make our own mark using our own style of work.

I feel that a nice way in which to tackle the story would be to recall the different point of the story in a bullet point list and try to recreate an image for each element of the book so that the story still flows properly without anything missing out.

The type of illustration i wish to use is very similar to Ernest Howard Shepard’s take on the Winnie the Pooh. His sketches i find are quant yet detailed small images and they work really well in a black and white format. I feel that this would be an interesting and inventive take on the wizard of oz.

I have decided to do small sketches in order to show the way in which i would like to present these images and the characters within the book, this way i then know how i want the book to flow and the constant pace within the book itself.

The best way for me to complete these images was to put the images within the order they would be placed within the book. I decided to create a small timeline to show this process and carry out the full design.



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