|The Image Project: Final Piece|


For the final piece i decided to important everything on to the computer to get a more finished and interesting use of techniques. For the illustration element of my final piece i decided to draw up the heart and the flowers this way to show my illustration skills and show how i can execute hand drawn images in a short space of time. I found that the best way for me to draw these images were to firstly draw them by hand onto white paper using pencil and to refine them using black fine liner. This was a simple task and i found the process rather enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 15.49.11.png

I then scanned the images on to the computer to allow me to add colour and texture by using photoshop and illustrator. This is allowed me to show my illustrator and photoshop skills. i decided that the best way for me to add colour to this image was by using the fill tool and filling the elements with block colour firstly to see the impression that it would give to others. However i found that when it came to the stem of the flowers and the leaves that the block colour green was too plain and didn’t give the imagery much depth. here i decided to add in collage to the final piece. I decided to do this by using different cut up images of leaves and displaying them within the lines of the leaves to create a multi-toned effect to the final piece. This also added in a look of texture and gave the image as a whole more depth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 15.49.34

I then decided to put in a large photographic element for the background of the image. i decided to take a photograph of a newspaper article . This is to represent the influence of the social media and the people around us. As a society we tend to believe most things that we read within our local newspaper whether the article is intact truthful or bias we tend to retain the information and allow it to influence us and our decision making. I felt that the newspapers and the social media holds a great deal of power over people and i felt that this was an accurate way to represent this power in our lives within the image itself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 15.49.25

If i had the opportunity to redo this image i would use the different techniques within a different way to express the word power i felt that even though my idea expressed the elements of power in the way i hoped the image is relatively abstract and gaining the first impression of power through the heart and the flowers isn’t the first entail reaction you get from this piece.

However when it came to the different aspects of the design and for the outcome that i had originally hoped for i found that the image turns out to be quite a successful and interesting piece of work.possible final print

When it came to this project, and we were initially handed the brief i didn’t feel confident as my photoshop and illustrator skills weren’t the best within the class and i found it quite hard to believe that my work would be presentable enough to put-up on display for criticism. After gaining the criticism i found that the small tweaks in which to develop my design were quite simple and could be quite effective with time.


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