|The Image Project: Idea|


For this project we have been asked to create an A3 poster representing a word. the word that i have chosen to illustrate is the word power. I have decided that i am going to take a different approach to this design by experimenting with the obvious choices f imagery for power.

When we firstly think of power we tend to think of machinery, the use of electricity, light and sound. The different yet obvious images. However i have decided that i am going to challenge this by using the human body and how the the organs work and create ourselves, as humans to become and do powerful things.

The heart, is the most powerful organ in the human body, it controls us. the heart allows for the brain to work, to help us walk and talk and this alone is a powerful thing. however i want to portray how we are all the same as human beings. Even though there are different ethnicities and differences within the social norms in different countries, we are all born with exactly the same. A heart. however its our up brings and our influences throughout life that allows us to grow into the person we are destined to be powerful or not.


I want to show that power can by stinted by our upbringings and that what we let ourselves be influenced by actually shapes us into the person that we become. I want to show the growth from a child to an adult how the significant occasions can change and shape our futures. My idea to show this process through the use of flowers blooming, creating a metaphor using the heart as a vase. This is going to show that even though we start out the same the main focus is that its our decisions that shape our future.


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