|The Image Project: Brief & Thumbnails|


For this project we have been asked to create an A3 image based upon and to portray a certain word given to us by our lecturer. The word i have been given is power. We have been asked to create this image using 5 different design techniques to show our abilities and gain new knowledge within the field itself.

The main 5 design techniques are Illustration, Photography, collage, photoshop and illustrator. The aim of the project is to use all of the 5 elements within the image to diversity and distinctive layers within the project.

I feel that my strongest points within this project is illustration and i particularly find collage difficult as I crave perfection and find that anything slightly out of place and not clean is inadequate.

Thumbnail 1:


This design is based on power within equality this is a light bulb design fit into a grenade setting to show the power in which people have on the world one grenade can cause a lot of problems within society and is surely shown within the media. I find that the design is nice and different however I feel that putting all the aspects together using all the techniques could be quite difficult in order to get the original effect in which I was hoping for. however i feel that this design would be interesting using the photoshop setting invert and posterise. This could be quite effctive.

Thumbnail 2:


This is another idea focusing on power within equality. I liked the idea of exposing the fact that everyone is the same underneath our skin, despite how we think and feel everyone has the same starting point. I like this idea however it is very focused on one particular race and therefore makes the image quite bias. From this i decided that this image possibly wasn’t the right idea for me to go with.

Thumbnail 3:


I like this design i found that this was my most appropriate design. I like the idea of creating an image that shows that we are all born the same way. I feel that we are all born with the same thing. a heart. however i wanted to show that its how we grow and we develop as people that influences how powerful we become as people. I want to show thus through use of collage and possibly add in more imagery to show growth. for example possibly flowers.

Thumbnail 4:


I like the idea of this image creating this using collage i feel that this idea could work really well. using the twitter logo as a symbol of social media and the negative influences it has in the world using us as a society in order to keep it working/functioning is quite a powerful image to be hold and i feel that this could work in a more abstract way to show the use of power within social media.

I feel that the use of imagery i have here could work really well to express the word power within my work. I like the idea of creating something slightly abstract so it isn’t as obvious at first and allows for different interpretation.


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