Views, Expectations, Experiences….


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Before joining Cardiff metropolitan university, i previously was studying graphic design and illustration at Plymouth college of art, where I received full marks and the highest within my year. on my journey through the arts i would like to experiment with new techniques and different processes within the art and design industry. i feel that by doing this I will then be able to broaden my horizon and be more versatile within my line of work.

I hope that during the next three years I will be able to interact with different people, I feel that this will allow my confidence to broaden and create a better set of communication skills between myself and others within a more professional environment. after being on the course for the last few weeks I have been able to make a handful of good friends and held at least one conversation with everyone in the room.


Previous work in college, only using black and white.

I am slightly nervous about the next three years, although I have read through my handbook and I know of what is expected of me and what the plan is for the next three years, I feel that I may not be good enough to pursue my dream within the art and design field. personally I am used to working mainly with pencil on paper and not tending to venture to far out of my comfort zone with the materials that I use. however being on the course for the first week has allowed me to break past my comfort zone with the use of collage.


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